Remote Learning

Information for Families

* All students have been sent invitations by their classroom teachers to join their classrooms.

* Using your child's individualized google email address that ends in go to google classrooms and have him/her sign in.

Logging into your google account: Instructions for logging in with your school Google user ID.

Class Organizational List

Grade Class Teacher 
3K 3K Ms. J. Taveras 
PK 340 Ms. A. Duran
PK 341 Ms. L. Montilla
PK 342 Ms. F. Taveras
PK 343 Ms. E. Bello
K 001 Ms. M. Manzolillo
K 002 Ms. M. Citarella
K 003 Ms. Smith & Ms. Davis
1 101 Ms. Y. Lopez
1 103 Ms. N. Rodriguez
1 121 Mr. J. Reyes
2 201 Mr. J. Corcoran
2 203 Ms. Stergiou & Ms. Bishop
2 221 Ms. E. Polanco
3 301 Ms. J. Hall
3 303 Ms. Logatto & Ms. Martin
4 401 Ms. S. Rivera
4 403 Ms. Pinneri & Ms. Ross
3/4 421 Ms. F. Escano
5 501 Ms. Y. Vegerano
5 503 Ms. D. Hernandez
5 503 Mr. H. Titlebaum
4/5 521 Ms. W. Aponte (in Spanish)
4/5 521 Ms. W. Aponte (in English)
K/1 251 Ms. C. Jacobo
2/3 252 Ms. M. Santiago
4 253 Ms. C. Dignan
5 254 Ms. G. Pentrelli

Getting an Internet-Enabled Device

The DOE has devices available to lend to families to support their child's remote learning. Priority will be given to students most in need, and students in upper grades. Families who wish to request a device should fill out this Remote Learning Device Request Form(Open external link). Please complete the survey if your family needs a device.  Your chils's OSIS number is on their report card, but if you do not know your child's OSIS number, input '9' then your child's birth date instead. For example, for a child born on January 1, 2016, you can enter "901012016".